The History of Dystopia by Jamie Mollart

Dystopian fiction in its current form has been around for a long time. It’s been a prominent escape route from our daily life and has been a reflection of our collective fears and concerns for a couple of hundred years. Since the events of 2020, and now 2021, have begun to make it look asContinue reading “The History of Dystopia by Jamie Mollart”

League founder Lauren James talks about her new Middle Grade release The Deep-Sea Duke

The Climate Fiction Writers League was created and run by Lauren James. This week her new novella The Deep-Sea Duke is published by Barrington Stoke. Tell us about your new book. The Deep-Sea Duke is a sci-fi novella set on an alien planet. It’s aimed at struggling readers (age 8+). The story follows a pompousContinue reading “League founder Lauren James talks about her new Middle Grade release The Deep-Sea Duke”

Discussion between Hannah Gold and Joanne O’Connell

League members Hannah Gold and Joanna O’Connell discuss their new Middle Grade releases, The Last Bear (HarperCollins) and Beauty and the Bin (Macmillan). Here, they talk about what led them to write books which deal with the climate emergency. Joanne: Hannah, how about you start by telling us about The Last Bear? Hannah: The LastContinue reading “Discussion between Hannah Gold and Joanne O’Connell”

Geoengineering in Poetry

by Frederick Turner Apocalypse is an epic poem about catastrophic climate change in the next several decades and a parallel catastrophic social crisis. A climate tipping-point happens, the Antarctic ice sheets collapse, and the existing answers prove ineffective. But the word “apocalypse” originally meant “unveiling,” and the story follows a group of remarkable human beingsContinue reading “Geoengineering in Poetry”

Interview with Julie Carrick Dalton

Waiting for the Night Song by Julie Carrick Dalton was published this month by Forge. I talk to the author of the adult contemporary novel about her new release, and her motivations for writing about climate change. Tell us about your new book. Cadie Kessler, a forestry researcher, is in the middle of trying toContinue reading “Interview with Julie Carrick Dalton”

How to Build a Solarpunk City by Lauren C. Teffeau

The climate crisis is upon us, and while meaningful action may be hampered by our politics and short-term mindsets prioritizing profit, our imaginations remain unfettered to envision a brighter future. A future that hasn’t been polluted by our overreliance on fossil fuels or soiled by plastic waste or sullied by habitat loss and the inevitableContinue reading “How to Build a Solarpunk City by Lauren C. Teffeau”

Interview with Laura Wood about Effie the Rebel

Today Laura Wood’s Middle Grade novel Effie the Rebel is published. I talk to Laura about her writing and activism for young readers. Effie is changing the world, one classroom at a time.Dark forces are at work at Highworth Grange school: the student council has been taken over by a tyrannical villain with his ownContinue reading “Interview with Laura Wood about Effie the Rebel”

Writing a love story to Antarctica by Midge Raymond

For me as a writer, place is essential to character. Every setting, whether an American city or an icy continent, has a personality, and where a character lives, or is from, is so vital to me in understanding that character. So I always begin a story not only with a character but with a senseContinue reading “Writing a love story to Antarctica by Midge Raymond”