Apocalypse: An Epic Poem by Frederick Turner

It’s 2067. The Antarctic ice sheets have collapsed. World sea levels have risen several feet and are rising faster still. The climate has changed catastrophically, and meteorological disasters are becoming a daily occurrence. Yet global power structures fail to respond, remaining frozen in political and ideological gridlock.

To confront this chaos, billionaire Noah Blazo recruits a team of genius misfits to bypass the political paralysis. With support from a coalition of island and coastal nations that are vulnerable to these catastrophes, his team launches an unsanctioned geo-engineering effort to restore the Earth’s ecological balance–an activity that prompts a global power struggle immediately leading to war.

Events in the center of this conflict inadvertently trigger the emergence a quasi-divine being, Kalodendron, who dwells within the Internet. With her arrival comes a further threat to the Earth–the appearance of the dark star Wormwood, which looms within our solar system and is drawing closer.

With Kalodendron’s help, can Blazo’s team avert this two-fold threat the Earth’s destruction? Or do the tragedies that quickly follow ensure the planet’s final destruction?

Apocalypse is a major new work on the poetic landscape, an odyssey that addresses the global anxieties, emerging technologies, and spiritual yearnings of our time. Addressing themes of humanity’s capacity for creation, destruction, rebirth, and redemption, Apocalypse is a transformative vision of the deepest and most passionate relationships that define us and give our lives meaning.

Categories: Science Fiction, Epic poem, Future

Published by Illium Press (out now)

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