We are a group of authors who believe in the necessity of climate action, immediately and absolutely.

Fiction is one of the best ways to inspire passion, empathy and action in readers. Our works raise awareness of climate change, and encourage action at the individual, corporate and government levels.

“A body of writers working for a common cause cannot fail to influence public opinion.” – Women Writers Suffrage League, 1908

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Lauren James (founder)
Marcus Sedgwick
Lydia Millet
Cory Doctorow
Paolo Bacigalupi
Chen Qiufan
Aya de León
James Bradley
Sarah Crossan
Charlie Jane Anders
S. J. Morden
Khoa Le
Emmi Itäranta
Chitra Soundar
Rebecca Roanhorse
Laura Lam
Sam J. Miller
Julie Bertagna
Alex DiFrancesco
Yaba Badoe

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Can a climate fiction novel be uplifting? by Lauren James

As a former physicist, my writing is always science focussed. I’ve written a book about space travel inspired by special relativity (The Loneliest Girl in the Universe), a post-apocalyptic novel based on extinction and evolution (The Quiet at the End of the World), and multiple other stories with scientists at their heart. From the beginning…

Young activists – to be encouraged! by Anthea Simmons

I am really proud to have written a book about young activists. The young are all too often dismissed as naïve and ill-informed, when they are often quite the reverse. Clear-sighted and unburdened by the baggage of political bias or tribalism or the potential drag of adult experience, they see the world with an energy…

Geoengineering – what is it, and why should we be worried? by David Barker

I remember reading, twenty-five years ago, Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy about the colonization of the red planet. The idea that we humans could, over many decades, terraform an inhospitable, deadly atmosphere into something living seemed very cool. Back then I had no idea that our own planet’s atmosphere might become hostile in my lifetime.…

Rewilding and our connections with the natural world by Nicola Penfold

My first book Where The World Turns Wild came out in February last year, just as the COVID-19 crisis was building. Readers contacted me to say how struck they were by eerie parallels with the dystopian nightmare we were all living through: the virus there wasn’t (then) a vaccine for; the locked down cities; the…

Using bat illustrations to write about big issues for young children by Emma Reynolds

Picture books are powerful – they are often human’s first experiences of stories, and as such they have the power to literally shape who we are, and we carry these stories and messages into adulthood. They are also a chance for bonding between a child and their adult, often read at bedtime snuggled up together…

Journalism inspiring Fiction

by Joanne O’Connell My debut novel, Beauty and the Bin was partly inspired by my food journalism, particularly by a column I wrote for the Guardian, about giving up supermarkets.    For twelve months, I whizzed nettles into pesto, baked my own bread, grew vegetables, and stocked up on everything from chilli flakes to tomato ketchup at my local…

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We write about climate change because we want to start a conversation about how society can start to fix planetary pollution. If you enjoy our works, please share and discuss to keep the conversation going. The best way to support authors is through reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and your local bookshop’s website.

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Anyone could write the next, great climate change novel. Why not pick up a pen, and use your passion for climate activism to create something special today?

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Recent Updates

214 Days to Create a Cli-fi Anthology by D.A. Baden

Author of climate rom-com Habitat Man, D. A. Baden, discusses her recent work on a climate anthology. A group of chemical engineers from Herculean Climate Solutions based in Malaysia approached me in April of this year, so frustrated by the lack of progress that they wanted to see if climate related stories with a positive…

Cosmic Wasteland by Gemma Fowler

There is no doubt, a new Space Age is upon us. And, as much as I love the idea of space exploration and the discoveries/technology it will inevitably inspire, it bothers me. It bothers me so much it inspired my novel, City of Rust– a cli-fi story of tribalism, technology, ingenuity and… a planet-load of…

Eco-anxiety – today’s childhood malaise by Carol Garden

My hairdresser’s son cries when items about climate change come on the news. He’s eight years old and he thinks we are all going to die. He’s really scared about the future. Like millions of children around the world with ‘eco-anxiety’ this affects his ability to function normally, thanks to a chronic fear of environmental…