Authors based in Asia

Chen Qiufan

Chen Qiufan (Stanley Chan) was born in Swatow, China.
He is a science fiction writer, a columnist and an online advertising strategist. He published his first short story in 1997 in <Science Fiction World>, China’s largest science fiction magazine. Since 2004, he has published over 30 stories in <Science Fiction World>, <Esquire>, <Chutzpah> and other magazines. His first novella, <The Abyss of Vision>, came out in 2006. He won several awards, Taiwan’s Dragon Fantasy Award, China Galaxy Award, Chinese Nebula Award and a SF & Fantasy Translation Award (Translated by Ken Liu). He had several stories translated into English (mostly by Ken Liu) and Italian can be found on Clarkesworld, Interzone, F & SF and other anthologies such as <The Apex Book of World SF II> and <Alias 6>.

His debut novel <The Waste Tide> (2013) was described as “When William Gibson writes The Windup Girl”.

He now lives in Beijing and works for Google China.

Khoa Le

Represented by Astound
Illustrator, author and painter based in HCMC, Vietnam.
Exhibition and awards:
– Solo exhibition “Unravel” (Vietnam) 2010
– Group exhibition Art Expo Malaysia 2012
– Asia Contemporary Art Show, group exhibition (Hong Kong) 2012
– AFCC 2012, Illustration group exhibition (Singapore) 2012
– Group exhibition, “Saigon Artbook” (Vietnam) 2014
– Solo exhibition, Craig Thomas gallery (HCMc, Vietnam) 2016
– 2nd runner up SCHOLASTIC PICTURE BOOK AWARD (by Scholastic Asia, Singapore) 2017
– Winner of the Best Illustrator Category – 2020 Northern Lights Book Awards (The Lonely Polar Bear – Publisher: Happy Fox Books)

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