Teaching Resource for Green Rising by Lauren James

Mr B Tillbrook, librarian at Invicta Grammar School, has prepared some teaching resources for students reading the Young Adult novel Green Rising by Lauren James. This is suitable for Year 7 (age 11-12). Green Rising Guided Reading booklet (includes: about the author, things to think about when reading, extract from the novel, challenge activity, extensionContinue reading “Teaching Resource for Green Rising by Lauren James”

Teaching Resource for The Last Wild

Marina Ekkel has prepared 6 worksheets for The Last Wild by Piers Torday, downloadable in PDF. A disease called the ‘red eye’ has caused all animals to begin to fade into extinction. A single corporation runs the world, and is bent on confining the human population to cities. And twelve year old Kester Jaynes cannotContinue reading “Teaching Resource for The Last Wild”

Teaching Resource: Worksheet for The Stone Weta

The Stone Wētā by Octavia Wade is a dark, near future thriller that follows a group of female scientists. These scientists are part of a secret network which aims to gather and share scientific information regarding climate change. The scientists must avoid detection by their respective governments or face dire consequences. The members of theContinue reading “Teaching Resource: Worksheet for The Stone Weta”

Putting a Narrative Loop around the Future by Nicky Singer

Many moons ago, I asked my friend Tom Burke, then Director of Friends of the Earth, what he really thought would happen if we failed to get to grips with increasing global temperatures. ‘Well,’ he replied, ‘you’d better be prepared to go to Scotland and take a gun’. The image stayed with me – butContinue reading “Putting a Narrative Loop around the Future by Nicky Singer”