Lauren St John talks about KAT WOLFE

Science writer Isabel Thomas talks to the acclaimed Middle Grade author and founder of Authors4Oceans, Lauren St John, about her books. Isabel: Congratulations on the publication of Kat Wolfe on Thin Ice, the third adventure in the Wolfe and Lamb mysteries series! What can readers expect if they are discovering the series for the first time?  Lauren:Continue reading “Lauren St John talks about KAT WOLFE”

Putting a Narrative Loop around the Future by Nicky Singer

Many moons ago, I asked my friend Tom Burke, then Director of Friends of the Earth, what he really thought would happen if we failed to get to grips with increasing global temperatures. ‘Well,’ he replied, ‘you’d better be prepared to go to Scotland and take a gun’. The image stayed with me – butContinue reading “Putting a Narrative Loop around the Future by Nicky Singer”

Angie Hockman discusses the Galápagos in her new Romance

Two authors inspired by travel in their work, YA author Angela Kecojevic and romance author Angie Hockman, talk about Shipped, a delightful romance novel with a heart-warming climate twist which is out now with Gallery Books. Kecojevic also talks about her forthcoming novel Train, published later this year. OK, so let’s talk about Shipped. ThisContinue reading “Angie Hockman discusses the Galápagos in her new Romance”

Journalism inspiring Fiction

by Joanne O’Connell My debut novel, Beauty and the Bin was partly inspired by my food journalism, particularly by a column I wrote for the Guardian, about giving up supermarkets.    For twelve months, I whizzed nettles into pesto, baked my own bread, grew vegetables, and stocked up on everything from chilli flakes to tomato ketchup at my localContinue reading “Journalism inspiring Fiction”

James Bradley talks about Ghost Species

James Bradley, author of the critically acclaimed climate fiction novel Clade, is publishing a new adult science fiction novel this week in the UK, Ghost Species. Lauren James talks to him about his career in climate fiction. Tell us about Ghost Species. Ghost Species begins with the creation of a Neanderthal child as part ofContinue reading “James Bradley talks about Ghost Species”

The History of Dystopia by Jamie Mollart

Dystopian fiction in its current form has been around for a long time. It’s been a prominent escape route from our daily life and has been a reflection of our collective fears and concerns for a couple of hundred years. Since the events of 2020, and now 2021, have begun to make it look asContinue reading “The History of Dystopia by Jamie Mollart”

League founder Lauren James talks about her new Middle Grade release The Deep-Sea Duke

The Climate Fiction Writers League was created and run by Lauren James. This week her new novella The Deep-Sea Duke is published by Barrington Stoke. Tell us about your new book. The Deep-Sea Duke is a sci-fi novella set on an alien planet. It’s aimed at struggling readers (age 8+). The story follows a pompousContinue reading “League founder Lauren James talks about her new Middle Grade release The Deep-Sea Duke”

Discussion between Hannah Gold and Joanne O’Connell

League members Hannah Gold and Joanna O’Connell discuss their new Middle Grade releases, The Last Bear (HarperCollins) and Beauty and the Bin (Macmillan). Here, they talk about what led them to write books which deal with the climate emergency. Joanne: Hannah, how about you start by telling us about The Last Bear? Hannah: The LastContinue reading “Discussion between Hannah Gold and Joanne O’Connell”

Geoengineering in Poetry

by Frederick Turner Apocalypse is an epic poem about catastrophic climate change in the next several decades and a parallel catastrophic social crisis. A climate tipping-point happens, the Antarctic ice sheets collapse, and the existing answers prove ineffective. But the word “apocalypse” originally meant “unveiling,” and the story follows a group of remarkable human beingsContinue reading “Geoengineering in Poetry”